Lens-Artists Challenge #192: Earth Story

This week Amy’s theme is Earth Story. As Amy says “The natural world has many stories to tell. They are written on the ground, in the mountains and rivers, and on rocks and trees.”

Mother Earth is suffering huge biodiversity loss. The photograph below is one of Ireland’s rarest bees – the great yellow bumblebee. It was once widespread across Ireland and now only occurs in the north-west corner of the country.

Endangered Great Yellow Bumble bee

We leave little place for nature.

Nature is pushed to the edges.

Wildflower meadow
Wildflower meadow

We need to take heed, protect the earth and all it’s wonderful resources.

ox-eyed daisy

Love it for what it is – our home



27 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #192: Earth Story

  1. Tranature - quiet moments in nature

    A beautiful post Karina. Thankfully here in the Highlands we see a lot of rewilding, sustainable ways of living and green energy. Last year was the best year for bees we’ve seen in a decade and we hope this trend will continue and spread to other countries too 💚🐝

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      I have been reading a bit about rewilding in Scotland and it is a very positive and inspiring story. Here is to more bees this year 🐝

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  2. Heyjude

    A poignant post MM. We are not very good caretakers of our planet and not very good at looking after each other, let alone nature. Will we learn in time? Or is it already too late.

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