Wild Christmas 24th-27th December

Cathy alerted me to the fact that in the UK, the Wildlife Trust challenge people to the 12 Days Wild at Christmas, running from the 25th December to the 5th January. The idea is to do something to help nature but I was thinking it may be nice opportunity to just observe and record nature too. I am going to try and share with you what I see each day. I am starting on the 24th though as this may well be one of my wildlife highlights of the year.

December 24th

We went for a local walk and spotted these two Irish hare in our neighbours field. I think they thought it was spring as they were chasing each other around.

Hares, and particularly Irish hares, are among my favourite animals.

Giving chase

They ran though the whole field, coming quite close at times.

December 25th

All I have to show for this day is our Christmas tree. This year it is a birch tree.


December 26th

We enjoyed a lovely walk with my sister and spotted this raven who appeared to be cleaning his beak on this old fence post.


December 27th

A finally a cute little mushroom from our walk today, not sure if it is going to grow to a shaggy ink cap or if it is something totally different.


More to follow during the week.

25 thoughts on “Wild Christmas 24th-27th December

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      The ones you have in UK are brown hares. They have longer ears and are generally bigger than Irish hares. Irish hares are more closely related to Mountain hares which are found in Scotland and I think still the peak district.


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  7. Jane Miller

    Well, I must admit I have been working backwards through your 12 days as I begin to catch up with emails and what a delight your festive collection is. Your Irish hares seem so big to me and I’m amazed that the English ones are even bigger.

    Liked by 1 person

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