Six on Saturday – 21 August 2021

The weather here has turned autumnal, but sunny weather is to return next week or so the weather men tell us.

A quick Six on Saturday this week. First soapwort which has got somewhat battered by the thunder showers.

Next are runner beans – they are not thriving this year. I think it may be mainly the weather (often quite cold) that is not suiting them.

Onions are also disappointing. The one hot week of weather we had sent a lot to seed early and they never got very big.

Cucumbers on the other hand are doing pretty good.

While the wasps have some reason taken a fancy to the raspberries.

I was going to show you my caterpillar munched Brussel sprout plants but instead a carder bee picture to finish in a positive note!

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 21 August 2021

  1. Eliza Waters

    Every year there are disappointments in the garden, often the same ones, reminding me to let go, let god, and just enjoy the bonuses. Not easy as we always want the best of outcomes, no matter what. 🙂

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  2. janesmudgeegarden

    It’s such a disappointment when carefully planted treasures fail to come to fruition. Our weather here in Aus always seems to be too much of heat or rain, so there’s frequently a failure somewhere in the garden. That’s the cross we gardeners have to bear!

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  3. bushboy

    Even if you feel the weather defeated, the photos are wonderful Karina. Glad the bee bumped the caterpillar. You had me at the first photo and made me sigh at the last. I have a good recipe somewhere for baked small onions…..somewhere 🙂 🙂

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  4. Eileen's Tiny Welsh Garden

    Nice cucumber! I agree about it not being a good year for beans. For three years I had an over-abundance of climbing/french beans, to the extent that I half filled a small chest frezzer with the things last year (which we never ate). This year? 5 beans – all nibbled by slugs or snails – and the tallest of three plants is less than 2 feet, and the leaves are droopy. I’m going to give them a miss next year – or just grow a couple in a pot.

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