Six on Saturday – 3rd July 2021

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday. Hard to believe it is July already. The delphiniums are now at their best.

This rose grews in our hedge……………..

Along with native honeysuckle which is flowering really well this year and being enjoyed by the bees.

I generally prefer pink foxgloves but I do like the markings on this white one.

The lavender is also being enjoyed by the bees in this case an early bumblebee male.

And finally this week – a newish arrival – little chick “Dream” with his mum “Miranda”.

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 3rd July 2021

  1. Jane Miller

    Can’t believe the cobalt (?) blue of your delphinium: no artificial shade could match that. Our honeysuckle hasn’t been blown away this year and next door’s has grown over and through our fence so.. perfumed evenings and happy bees all round. And Dream will surely know how very handsome he is when he grows up!

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