Change of scenery

We are still in lock down here and don’t get to venture beyond our 5km, so I for one would really enjoy a change of scenery. But perhaps changing from colour to black and white, (borrowing idea from Patti here) may be enough for now.

27 thoughts on “Change of scenery

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      We are good thank you. We are lucky to have a big garden and a good place to walk right next to us. I feel sorry for those living in cities.


  1. Heyjude

    Well that worked. Love the sheep and the robin. I think we are all very tired of lockdown now. I don’t want to rush out and join a crowd of people or go to a shopping mall, but I would love to drive somewhere a bit further away from home.

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  2. dust4y

    The black and white brings out other details: how big the frog’s eyes are!
    Yes, getting a bit fed up with the lockdown now – feels like being increasingly wedged between a door and the door jamb. Thank goodness for looking at

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  3. Tina Schell

    A lovely look at nature’s bounty MM! Here in the states we’re sorry to see our friends across the pond back in lockdown. In our world, while the virus continues to threaten, things are slightly more open and those of us who have been vaccinated are venturing out a bit more – with caution of course. Here’s hoping you’re back out in the world soon. In the meanwhile keep sharing your beautiful scenes of nature’s best!

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