Six on Saturday 23rd January 2021

So I have been missing from the Six on Saturday slot for a while. All has been quiet in the garden, but things are beginning to stir. (Apologies for picture quality this week – photos taken with phone and not camera).

Look – the first snowdrops!

And the first hellebore.

Under the shelter of the porch, two foxgloves have decided to self-seed.

We have a new bird bath. Our wild birds often use the pond for a wash, but hoping they will like this too.

They may wait for warmer weather though. We had the tiniest sprinkling of snow this morning, over frost. Hoping for a little bit more tomorrow.

Definitely the time of year for potato and leek soup.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23rd January 2021

  1. Piglet in Portugal

    It looks a nice sturdy birdbath. We also have one and the greenfinches love it. The blackbirds still prefer the water in the waterful pots, even though it contains chlorine.

    Your leek looks a lot more rotunda than mine. The latter ones looked more like spring onions than leeks.


  2. janesmudgeegarden

    Your photo of snow on the pond reminds me of my photo of Gaura posted on SoS this week! The snowdrop bud is perfection with its accompanying drops of rain.

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  3. dust4y

    Such happiness woven in your pictures and an added bonus with the little bubbles of raindrops captured there. Only really discovered hellebores last year but have a lovely one now.. Such a handsome bird bath. Must replace my old crumbly one!

    Liked by 1 person


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