Tree of Life

I was actually going to write this post for last week’s Lens artist challenge but as I didn’t get time to post, I thought as Tina was offering “you pick it” it seemed a good opportunity to do anyway. This post is about our crab apple tree. In the spring it never fails to blossom and it is packed full of flowers. The closed buds are pink which open into white blossoms with flushes of pink.

The blossom attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

By Autumn the tiny fruit have developed.

And now the blackbirds are visiting and are enjoying what is left of the apples.

And on top of all this pleasure the tree gives us, it is also our robin’s friend favourite tree.

Dedicated to David, who left this earth on the 27th November 2020, and always loved his garden and his garden birds.

37 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. Prior...

    Cheers to David and what a way to hjjir him with a tree post – the way you showed us how the tree gave so much of its beauty and vitality to the world was a nice connection for a tribute post!

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  2. sustainabilitea

    I’m also sorry for your loss. The tree’s beautiful. When we lived in Ohio, there were lots of these along our street, none by our house. So we were able to enjoy the yearly beauty without all the mess of the dropped apples. 🙂


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  3. Paddy Tobin

    Garden plants are so very often the holders of memories – value added to beauty, layers of meaning and significance. David is well remembered and will be!

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  4. afrenchgarden

    We have just discovered the pleasures of crab apple trees. We bought one last spring and we have just bought another last week to put near the bee hives. They look beautiful, help the pollinators in the spring and the birds in the autumn, you cannot ask for more. Amelia

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  5. dust4y

    It’s the hardest thing to write a simple tribute but nature says it all and here’s to your crab apple tree and all the wildlife it supports. You could do no better for David.

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  6. Leya

    Beautiful, Karina. For David. What better than a tree of life? So many animals survive and thrive from our trees. Lovely birds – the little Robin is my favorite bird, and you have captured him beautifully.
    So sorry for your loss. Nature is always our healer – even more these days. ♥

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