Six on Saturday – 15th August 2020

This week in Ireland we are celebrating all things heritage for Heritage Week. This includes our wonderful natural heritage so I thought for this week’s six I would focus on an insect theme. This is what was happening around the garden today.

  1. Honey bee – I occasionally get honey bees coming into the garden. They are particularly partial to the opium poppies. In Ireland, our native honey bee is called Apis melifera melifera, and is a darker version of Apis melfiera. The darker colour is thought to be an adaptation to our colder climate.

2. Common carder bumblebees aren’t too fussy about which flowers they visit. Today I saw them on raspberries, comfrey and figworth. They are a great all rounder and you will even see them foraging in rain.

3. My third bee is the garden bumblebee. These bumbles are great runner bean pollinators but they like the poppies too.

4. And one more bee – this time on the runner beans is the white tailed bumble.

5. And sticking with insects but moving away from bees, is this little grasshopper, which I rescued from the water butt. Happy to say he hopped away seemingly unscathed, once he had dried off a bit.

6. And a final image for this week is a shieldbug instar – in other words an immature shieldbug that still needs to do some growing! I think this one may be the common green shieldbug.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 15th August 2020

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      We have about six different bumblebees that occur in our garden. And other solitary bees. I love watching them.


  1. Helen

    I saw a shield bug yesterday 😊 There also seem to more honeybees about that bumbles, so I’m pleased to see your bumblebees.
    I felt sorry for the honeybees, though. They were on the fennel, which had now turned to seed. Perhaps they can still nectar?

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  2. thequiltinggardener

    I took a photo yesterday of an insect that I found on my bucket handle and was going to put it in next weeks Six asking if anyone knew what it was. Mystery solved – it’s an immature shield bug. I have loads of the grown up version but have never noticed the young ones before.
    I really enjoy reading about your garden.

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