Six on Saturday – 18th July 2020

The weather continues cool and cloudy. It started off lovely and sunny this morning but clouded over. We are hoping for a bit more sun later. Meanwhile in the garden all the young birds are keeping us entertained. There are young blackbirds, swallows, goldfinches, robins, dunnocks and these little wrens. Four are squeezed into this little box which the kids painted years ago. Every time an adult comes with food they are poking their heads out!


2. Next this week is alliums – little ones. There are a few just coming out.


3. Yarrow with hoverfly.

4. A rather wet nasturtium.


5. I love the blue flowers of hyssop.


6. The blackbirds have found the Logan and Tayberries too, but we have managed to pick some. They just need a bit of sunshine to sweeten up.

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday

18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 18th July 2020

  1. Heyjude

    Six on Sunday? I almost had a heart attack when I read that, surely I haven’t been sitting at the computer that long? Obviously a typo. Love the wren bird box. I love wrens. Where do you have it hanging?

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Upps never even noticed that. Will have to correct, sorry for shocking you into thinking you had missed a day😊 The bird house is under the roof of our workshop/shed, so well sheltered


  2. Pam Webb

    Our swallows chose to not take traditional residence this year in the birdhouses (several flyby consultations though—picky, picky). The raspberries are in their glory. Much improved since last year!

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  4. aj vosse

    The blackbirds… we have a few juveniles in the garden – I’m sure the one lives in the blackberry bush – it seems to have one hanging wing so it never seems to stray far!

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  5. dust4y

    Love those tiny wrens. When I was about 8/9 a black bird used to come through the window onto the windowsill for food. Rumour has it that a farmer had shot at him and indeed there was damage to his claws. I soon discovered that he visited other windows in the same way. We called him Whitey as he had some white feathers.

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