Six on Saturday – 6th June 2020

So the dry spell has come to an end and we have returned to more normal Irish weather of rain and cool temperatures (a bit too cool), but at least we don’t have to spend the evenings watering.

1 So first this week – yellow allium

2. Next a purple leafed geranium

Purple leafed geranium

3. Tomatoes are planted into the greenhouse – I was slow starting them but hopefully we will get some fruit.

4. Some beetroot – will let it get a bit bigger before I plant out.


5. Also squash and behind them cucumber. The cucumber will be planted into the greenhouse.

6. And finally lettuce (ignore the weeds!). We waited for ages for it to come and now it is all coming together.


Thank you to The Propagator for hostingย Six On Saturday

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 6th June 2020

  1. Lisa

    I love the yellow allium, it’s so much less common than purple. I have some mixed color bulbs coming in fall, wich include some yellow.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      I find the yellow comes back every year for me while many of the purple ones don’t, an added bonus.


  2. dust4y

    Didn’t realise there were yellow alliums – aren’t they beautiful. And love the purple leaves d geranium. The flower look as though it comes from a fairy garden – ethereal blue shade!

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