Six on Saturday – 16th May

Another dry week, but today has been cloudy and we are promised light rain tonight. You don’t really want to wish for rain, but everything could do with a good soak to be honest.

First this week another Aquilegia, this time Common columbine Aquilegia vulgaris.

Next Alluims are just coming. This one is about the best, colourwise.

Featuring at number three this week, is a geranium. This one was a gift from a friend and I cannot remember the name.

Earlier in the week we had two nights with frost – really not what you want in May. For the second year running the beech hedge around the vegetable plot has had it’s newly emerging leaves burnt!

I think another victim of the frost may well be our cherries. This is the first year this tree has had so many fruit but the frost seems to have damaged the cherries and many of them are turning brown.

And finally for this week a Geum, also slightly first damaged.

19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 16th May

  1. Heyjude

    Geranium phaeum? Lovely colour. And I was astonished to discover that two of my alliums have the most delicious scent. I think some of my plants have been damaged by the cold wind, no frost, but some blackened tips.

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  2. cavershamjj

    bad luck with your cherries. i have been checking my plums (as it were) and can report they are all in fine fettle. my plum tree is in a fairly sheltered spot, trained against a fence, so think will have been slightly protected from what was anyway a light frost last week. phew.

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