Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

The 17th March is Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Usually we would be celebrating our day with Saint Patrick’s day parades – instead everything has been cancelled in the chaos that is Corvid-19. It feels very surreal but all too real. Schools are closed and all activities and events are off. Like many families we are in self-imposed isolation, only going out to stock up on food.

Still it is Saint Patrick’s day and I feel the need to celebrate Ireland. So I have chosen the chaos of our Atlantic coast to share with you. Stay safe and well everyone.

My first few choices is the very appropriate Down Patrick Head, on the north west coast of Ireland. A wild and beautiful place.

And to end a sunshine one. Stay positive and hopeful, the sun will shine again.

29 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. Heyjude

    Lovely photos. Fortunately sharing photos is still allowed, as are virtual hugs 🤗
    Enjoy St Paddy’s day the best you can. A pint of Guinness perhaps? 🍺 (I know it should be dark!)

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  2. Leya

    Virtual hugs from Sweden and my family on St Patrick’s Day! Photos so well chosen – and beautiful is your country as always. Strange times, but we all try to do our best to cope – things will get better. Stay safe ♥

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