Bye bye 2019

As we say goodbye to 2019 and the decade, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you that have taken the time to read, like or comment on my blog. You support and interest keeps me writing and posting photographs – I could not do it without you.

Coal tit

Coal tit

Our world is a constantly changing place – sometimes for the better, sometime for the worst. Let us hope that 2020 and the new decade will bring lots more positives, for our environment, wildlife, and for people everywhere.


The Burren, Co Clare

Our little planet is beautiful and wonderful. Living here should inspire us all to do what we can to make it a safe, peaceful and glorious place for all things.

Happy New Year!

20 thoughts on “Bye bye 2019

  1. dust4y

    And thank you for your inspirational blogs all through the year. Nature needs people to raise its profile and you certainly do that.. Happy New Year indeed. J xx

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  2. Heyjude

    What lovely photos. For some reason we don’t see coal tits in my garden, though some did visit in the autumn. Once. I have seen them in St Ives so they are around. The Goldfinch make up for it though, and they are such cheerful looking birds. Happy New Year MM and thank you for all the comments you make on my blogs, they are much appreciated. And you have got yourself another follower this year πŸ™‚

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thank you – yes we have about 8 resident coal tits in the garden. At the moment the goldfinch just drop in sometimes but they are usually around. Have a great new year:)



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