Lens artist photo challenge – Cold

We have had a few cold frost mornings the last few weeks. The one advantage of a frosty morning is usually a bright start to the day.

Of course there is noting more magical than snow, we haven’t had any yet this winter.

We don’t get it very often here on the west coast of Ireland but we love it when we do.

19 thoughts on “Lens artist photo challenge – Cold

  1. Meanderer

    I love the pretty chestnut leaf. Yes – love those bright crisp frosty mornings! No frost in our bit of Wales so far – it’s been pretty much wet and cloudy with mild(ish) nights. Unbelievably we still have Summer flowers in bloom in the garden; so strange.

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  2. Leya

    And they arre all just beautiful! The chestnut leaves and all. In the water drop I see a little turtle…And I thought I was the only one having apples in the snow – but so have you. Love it!

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