Six on Saturday

The weather continues cold, with low night temperatures close to freezing. However, there are a few leaves left to enjoy.

  1. Crab apple. Usually this tree is loaded with red / yellow crab apples but there were none this year due to late frost. Still the leaves are beautiful.
Crab apple leaf

Crab apple leaf

2. Hazel catkins



3. Highbush cranberry, Viburnum opulus, is not a true cranberry. The fruits are very acidic and are said to taste like cranberries, but I did not find them very palatable.

Highbush cranberry

Highbush cranberry

4. Some birches are still clinging onto the last of their leaves.



5. Though many trees are like this hazel, devoid of any leaves. Still there is something beautiful about bare branches of trees against the sky.



6. Wood for the fire – so important on these dark cold nights.




Thank you to The Propagator for hosting – Six on Saturday



8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Eliza Waters

    It’s nice that you still have some fall color. Things got cold and windy very fast around here and nearly all leaves are now on the ground. It feels very wintery with many days lately not getting above freezing – too soon!

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