Wildlife Wednesday

The children and our visiting cousin from American found this little fellow by the compost heap yesterday.



Excitement turned to sadness as we discovered he was injured. He was dragging one foot behind him and the other looked hurt too. He did eat some food we offered and we put him in a safe place overnight, with food and water.


You can see his leg sticking out behind him

This morning we brought him to our local vet. She told us his leg is broken and he also appears to have further internal injuries around the broken leg. She is not sure he will make it, but is keeping him till tomorrow to see if there is any hope for the poor thing. It was amazing seeing a hedgehog so close, just sad that it was not a happy, healthy one. We don’t know how it got injured. It may have got hit by a car and managed to get itself to the compost heap as it is only a few metres away from our small road.

Hedgehogs will use compost heaps to find food and also for hibernating in. They mainly eat insects including earwigs, beetles, spiders, caterpillars, slugs and earthworms. They hibernate in the winter when these animals are scarce and hard to find. As our winters are relatively mild in Ireland hedgehogs generally hibernate between October and March.

In Ireland, hedgehogs are protected under Appendix III of The Berne Convention and under the Wildlife Act (1976) and Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000. Hedgehog populations have declined dramatically in Europe, but no research has been carried out on hedgehog populations in Ireland. Use of slug pellets, increased use of chemicals, agricultural intensification and road kills are all thought to contribute to declining numbers. For more information click here.

21 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday

  1. Leya

    Hope he will recover still! We usually have at least one hedgehog in our garden, but last year the young died in the summer drought. The road outside here is a killer as well – I am constantly worried about “our” hedgehogs. Every summer we find some skeletons on the road. Such sweeties they are, but full of little itching things…lice. Not fun if the dogs get them.

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  2. Tranature - quiet moments in nature

    Thank you for taking care of this sweet hedgehog Karina – we’ll keep our fingers crossed he’ll make it 🙂💖 xxx

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  3. aj vosse

    Great post – apart from the suffering!
    Yes, we need to emphasis the need to protect the wildlife- especially from all the man-made pollution so many spread freely!
    I hope there’s good news for the little fellow…

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