Six on Saturday

In my own garden again this week. I definitely need more flowers for this time of year as the delphiniums and lupins have pretty much gone over.

1. The day lily is doing well, but I never did divide it last year so must try this year. I saw some lovely day lilies at the National Botanic Garden of Wales which I will post about soon.


Day Lily

2. This is an old heritage climbing rose (sorry did not keep the name). It has a lovely smell. It was slow to start but has a good few blooms now.

Climbing rose

Climbing rose

3. This poppy seeds itself all over the vegetable plot, adding extra colour and food for the bees. I have scattered seed in the flower bed but for some reason they never germinate there.



4. The yellow loosestrife is getting crowded out by the day lily – another reason to divide the latter!

Yellow Loosestrife

Yellow Loosestrife

5. In the vegetable garden the potatoes are coming on nicely despite being set late. I have always liked potato flowers.



6. And the runner beans are doing their thing too.

Runner bean

Runner bean

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17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Helen

    Looks like you’ve got a few flowers besides the lupins! One minute the lupins which invited themselves in from my neighbour’s were in flower, the next moment the seeds had been eaten by the birds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Nothing like your own. Ours were late in so we haven’t tried digging yet – maybe this weekend.



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