Six on Saturday

Here is what is blooming in the garden this mid summer. I was a little worried that the sage would not flower, it was looking somewhat poorly, but thankfully it has bloomed. I fear the bees would miss it if it hadn’t as they do enjoy it.



Campanula – Bellflower. This is a tall, large flowered one. It does get a bit battered with the wind but does manage to seed itself around a little. I love plants that give you more plants for free.



Our beautiful native foxglove. I need to collect seed this autumn and grow more of these. I have lots of shady corners where they can go.



These are wild orchids that grow in my meadow. Each year I get one or two more of them popping up.

Snapdragons are great for adding colour and are loved by bees too. These are ones that came through the winter, but I have just planted out some new ones which will hopefully provide some late summer colour too.

Inspired by The Propagator’s – Six on Saturday




26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Helen Johnstone

    I never have much luck with snapdragons, no idea why. I have a common sage which is flowering like mad and I think is more beautiful than the decorative ones I have added this week. The pollinators definitely love it

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  2. Katharine

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some orchids will arrive in my meadow too. I planted one this year and a friend has promised me some seed.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Orchids are hard to grow from seed because they need a special mycorrhizal fungi to be present in the soil. I hope you have success.



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