Glorious trees

What would we do without our glorious trees? Trees come in all shapes and sizes and yet each one grows from a tiny seed and can live for hundreds of years.

From giant oaks and beeches……..

To smaller wispy things…..

They all have their magic.

Inspired by this week’s Lens artist photo challenge #50_trees

22 thoughts on “Glorious trees

  1. janesmudgeegarden

    We can never have too many trees. I love the second photo with the sun shining on the opposite river bank and creating that glorious colour.


  2. Helen

    Trees do have so much magic about them. After reading The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben I have even more love and respect for them. Architecturally, they are great for the garden as well.

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  3. dust4y

    And how dignified they are even in the face of adversity. Like the recent news of a tree which had been felled long ago and had been kept alive by the root systems of its neighbouring trees. Beautiful

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