Nature’s architecture

The Burren is a well known area in County Clare in the West of Ireland famed for it’s limestone pavement / karst landscape. Less well know is this area on the Mayo / Galway border known by the locals as the little Burren, and officially as the Gortnandarragh Limestone Pavement Spacial Area of Conservation. Here limestone pavement occurs close to the surface with little or minimal soil cover. The limestone wears away through natural processes of being weathered and dissolved by rainwater. Little holes and cracks form and in these plants grow – often unusual ones. Nature’s architecture at it’s best.

20 thoughts on “Nature’s architecture

  1. Leya

    Ah, the Burren! Great gallery of its beauty! Nature’s best. We drove past only last summer – sorry we did not have time to stay…maybe next time! Thank you for taking us in this post!

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  2. Manja Mexi Movie

    Oh, this is beautiful. I’d love to spend some time there. In Slovenia – where I’m from – there is a Karst plateau too with many caves and other typical structures. The most well-known products are prosciutto, dried in the bora wind, and wine, and the Lipizzaner horses originate there as well.

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