Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #19: Magical Light

Winter light reflected on a lake has a certain magically quality.


That low winter sun, the calm water, I could take photographs all day.

DSC_0849Trying to capture it perfectly – which of course is impossible.


23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #19: Magical Light

  1. aj vosse

    Yes… the light quality at this time of the year does have magical dimensions!!
    Wonder where all the faeries’ stories come from??
    Just to prove… here’s a few lines from a tale I’m writing as we speak!

    “Does blue and blue go together?”
    “I don’t know… depends of the sizes of the blues… big blues and small blues do… the one must be stronger than the other.”
    “What? You been smoking redtops again?”

    The magic… must’ve come in on the morning sunshine!! 🤣😀🤣

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