Autumn fruit

We have had a great crop of apples this year but early autumn storms mean that we have also a lot of windfalls. We are using apples in everything ; apple and blackberry jam, apple crumble and cakes, apple puree/sauce, dried apples.  Last weekend, I was going to try and make plum (again windfalls) and apple jam, but the resulting puree was too nice, so we’ve just added a tiny bit of honey and are using fresh. It went really well with pancakes!

The storm also broken my favourite Victoria plum tree which always produced the nicest plus in the garden , so we will have to get replacement (Apologies for quality of photos, my camera is currently out of action so having to use my phone camera!).

16 thoughts on “Autumn fruit

  1. nanacathy2

    What a shame the plum tree snapped so near to the ground. We lost a lot of branches a few years ago, but this year the trees are doing better. Not brilliantly but better. I have an appointment with two big carrier bags of apples today.

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  2. Miranda

    Your crumbles are the best! So sad the plum tree fell victim to the weather – is there no way of saving it or splicing onto another tree? The images are still pretty good darling! xx

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thank you Miranda. No i think the plum tree is broken too close to the ground to regrow but we will probably see if it does next spring before getting rid of it totally.


  3. dust4y

    Such a beautiful colour on your apples; they look so healthy. Like your apple/plum/honey purée idea. I picked 50lbs of damsons (plus 10lbs couldn’t reach or damaged) from my smallish damson tree. A good year for soft fruit apparently, despite the heat. What a shame about your plum tree – makes you realise the strength of these storms.

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