Lens Artist Photo Challege # 8 Colorful

In Ireland, street festivals have almost become the norm in the summer. It’s a way for small towns and villages to increase numbers of tourists to their local area and they can be often be very colourful.

Sweet stall

Sweet stall Tubbercurry Fair

Street festivals are a way of celebrating what those communities have to offer. Some examples here in Mayo there is the Ballina Salmon Festival and the Foxford Riverfest, Swinford has the Síamsa Sráide, a celebration of transitional music and song, and lots more throughout the country.


This year, we have the opportunity to visit Tubbercurry Old Fair. The old fair day was a tradition in Irish towns. People from rural areas would go into towns on these days (usually one day in a month) and buy what they needed. Cows and livestock would be brought to the fair to be sold and so on.

The Tubbercurry fair day festival tries to recreate this event – but along with all the things that would have been on a traditional fair day there are all the new things too. Today, the fair gives an opportunity for gifted crafts men and women to display their wares as well as given demonstrations of their talents.







16 thoughts on “Lens Artist Photo Challege # 8 Colorful

  1. Eliza Waters

    Fairs are fun events. Love the stilt walkers!
    Our agricultural fairs are in August and Sept. and harvest fairs are in October. My favorite events are flower/veggie judging and horse pulls. And kids showing their spruced up livestock. Unfortunately, the food is usually junk/high fat, but occasionally, there is something decent to eat!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

    A corrie is usually a bowl shaped depression on a mountain side where a glacier used to sit, but the nearest mountains (called Ox Mountains) are a few kilometres away!


  3. gaiainaction

    Lovely post! Yes festivals are wonderful experiences of the community, love them too. We have quite a few here in our town too, during the summer we just had an Art’s Festival which has everything from art exhibitions, workshops, theater and music. Soon now we will have the Food Festival which always attracts very many people. It is fun 🙂 Brings the country side to life!

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