A frog in the hand….

Regular readers will remember we had plenty of frogs in the pond earlier in the year and lots of spawn. The tadpoles are now developing into little frogs. My youngest spotted a couple moving from the pond to the hedgerow.

A frog in the hand

A frog in the hand

They are so tiny. The fact that any of these creatures can make it to a full -sized adult frog is truly amazing. How big the world must seem to them!


17 thoughts on “A frog in the hand….

  1. Leya

    Oh, I love the tiny ones! When our children were young we always took home eggs from the forest pools and let them grow up in a large bowl on our porch. Then we built up with stones and grass for them as the legs began to show and the tail started disappearing – and finally we brought them back to their pools in the forest. I’d like to think we saved some from an early death…or maybe we starved out some forest birds?
    Thank you so much for the lovely shots!

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