Captivating Frogs

Captivating may not be a word you’d immediately associate with frogs. However, we are spending a large amount of our meal times watching the frogs in the garden pond and my youngest is particularly captivated by their antics. Our kitchen window overlooks the pond and is a perfect place for observing them.

Yesterday’s count was an estimated 150! Last year there was 63, so it is a big jump in numbers. Today  is damp and it looks like they are beginning to disperse, as there are a lot more sitting around the top of the pond, and moving away under the beech hedge and through the garden.


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I love to see frogs in the garden as I know they will do their bit in keeping the slug population down.

10 thoughts on “Captivating Frogs

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Yes there is a bitterly cold easterly wind this weekend, and most of the frogs have gone hiding!


  1. dust4yj

    I daresay they dispersed long ago. Will you notice the diminution of slugs, I wonder? I must ask you for frog rearing tips for our pond. We had one once but need more vegetation now.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Yes all that is left now is the spawn! The frogs found the pond themselves and each year they return in bigger numbers, not sure what we are doing right other than not using chemicals of any sort in the garden.



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