The photograph below shows hawthorn branches encrusted in various different lichens. Trees are not just trees, but living ecosystems in their own right.

There are at least eight different lichens here, and these are all on the same tree! It is estimated that there are 1,165 species lichens growing in Ireland, so maybe eight on one tree isn’t that many after all!



17 thoughts on “Encrusted

      1. Wild Daffodil

        It would! and it would take you all over the world – lichens adapt themselves to so many different environments – I’m sure they hold genetic material that could help us in some way. Not to mention their gorgeous textures and colours for endless crafting inspiration.


  1. dust4yj

    Well, I never. Can you see the 8 different types? Wish I could see lichen on my car to prove how clean the air is. Although we do have quite a bit on the roof. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the lichens could be the source of medicines. Clever old supportive trees

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