Bumble bees

This week’s weekly photo challenge is Variations on a theme. So I felt it was a perfect excuse to show some bumblebee photos. As many of you will know I have a soft spot for this amazing creatures. The queen’s are currently hibernating and it will be another six weeks before we see them (usually around Saint Patrick’s Day – 17th March – here in the west of Ireland).

When the queens emerge from their winter sleep they need to find food. Early spring flowers and shrubs like dandelions, willow catkins, crocuses and flowering brassicas are good source of pollen for them. A simple way to help bees in your garden is to allow dandelions to bloom before you start cutting the lawn.

The gallery above shows a variety of queens, workers and drones from a number of different bumblebee species.




21 thoughts on “Bumble bees

  1. sgeoil

    Wonderful photos. Thanks for naming the bees, I would love to be able to identify what comes to my yard, although I am sure there isn’t quite as much variation. I do leave my dandelions, even though my neighbours hint that I should do otherwise!

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thank you. There are some good identification guides available online. I have learned to identitfy those that visit my garden by taking photos and then using the identification guides.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Glad to be of inspiration Eliza. As i just mentioned in previous comment, i found the easiest way to learn to identitfy bees was to take photos and the use the photos with good identification guides and books.

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  3. dust4yj

    How splendid to see the bees up close – the nearer the better. Love their shiny legs & to see the pollen on their backs. Will be counting the dandelions when they start to appear. How you’ve raised their profile.

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