18 goals for 2018

I have decided this year to have a simple list of 18 goals for the year. They are an eclectic mixture of fun, professional, personal and well whatever came to mind.

So here they are in no specific order –

1 – Finish the 1000 piece jigsaw we started just after Christmas.  It is hard and a few times I have been ready to give up. So it may be a goal that is completed next Christmas!

2 – Complete five Heritage in Schools visits. Will post more on this shortly.

3 – Each year in the past three years my blog visitors and views have increased. I would like to maintain this growth but without having to feel pressured to achieve this,  otherwise what is the point in blogging.

4 – Continue to create wildlife friendly habitats in my own garden and encourage others to do likewise.

5 – Have fun days out with my family. Setting no limits here!

6 – Growing food is just something I enjoy doing, and I want and need (for my own well-begin) to keep it up. While we may never be self-sufficient in fruit or vegetables my aim is to grow as much as I can.

7 – Reading is something else I love to do.  These days I seem to spend more time reading children’s books to my two and will certainly continue this because they are many great children’s authors. But my aim is to read 18 books, for myself. A mix of fiction and fact.

8 – Clutter, so much clutter. Over the Christmas holidays I have cleared out my kitchen cupboards, and you know it does give a sense of satisfaction to be able to open a cupboard and find what you are looking for! The chickens are also enjoying a feast of out-of-date foods like risotto rice, Bulgar wheat etc. So more clearing and tidying is on the cards!

9 – Friends are so important. Last year I missed a few of my friends birthdays so I am going to update my calendar and make sure I don’t miss any this year!

10 – There is always more we can learn about the world around us. So I am going to concentrate my efforts on learning to identity more bugs and plants.

11 – I am probably not the best person for challenging myself to do something new. I tend to stick to the same reliables. So I am going to find something that will challenge me in 2018.

12 – Reduce use of plastics, by being more careful about what we buy (thinking packaging etc.) and where and how we used plastic in the home.

13 – I enjoyed crafts but don’t spend much time doing them. So this year I would like to do a couple of crafty projects. I am still thinking what these will be, so am open to suggestions.

14 – January always gets me thinking that I need to get more exercise! And I am probably not alone, but must try harder!

15 – I am not the most organised person in the world. I need to find better ways of prioritising my work, while at the same time having good work/life balance!

16 – There are certain appointments that I will gladly put off (think dentist etc.). So this year I will try and keep these!

17 – Try and record another new species for the garden list.

18 – Last year I aimed to do ten bee and butterfly transects and only manage 9. So this year I am going to try and do ten again!

So that is it. My 18 goals for 2018.









30 thoughts on “18 goals for 2018

  1. Donnalee

    Those sound great. Hard-looking puzzle!

    Our local squirrels and birds and chippies and deer are probably praying that our resolutions are to keep feeding them to excess and preserving their nice big yard—and so they are.

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  2. Miranda

    Wow! What a tough puzzle and you are so nearly there! And what a list …if you do half of this I will be impressed. There are a few points I will be having a go at too. Reducing plastic wherever possible I think is essential, read more, knit a scarf! Thank you for sharing xxx

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  3. Wild Daffodil

    Great list! That puzzle does look difficult, but satisfying when it’s done. Keep stroking it to encourage you!
    #13 I’m wondering about what sort of crafts you would like to have a go at – yarn, textiles, paper, clay, willow weaving ….. give me a clue and I’ll try not to bobmbard you with suggestions!

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      I think something yarn or textile orientated would be good. I have a woven willow flower bed edging that need replacing and plenty of willow close by so that should definitely be something i should do!

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      1. Wild Daffodil

        Felt is a good call by Mrs Snail although I haven’t done enough of it to give any tips or clues of what to make.
        Patchwork is fun, either geometric or random shapes – hand or machine.
        Do you knit or crochet?
        Loads of inspiration on Pinterest and in video tutorials for both.
        And then there is macrame – great for making plant pot holders to hang from the ceiling.

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      2. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

        Wow lots of ideas there. Yes I can knit and crochet but just simple things – nothing fancy. Macrame is something I have never tried though, that would be something new. I’ve actually just done completed another fairy as my daughter wanted one more!

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      3. Wild Daffodil

        Your fairies are so cute, I’m not surprised your daughter wanted another.
        Now …… There is a book of patterns for Knitted Fairies, just Google Knitted Faireis and it pops up – I have the book and have made one – but I must admit, I found it all a bit of a fiddle and I didn’t make more.

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  4. nexi

    Thought provoking – I might mind map a similar list, including an unfinished jigsaw. btw, the fitbit I acquired for Xmas has very good remind to move/exercise functions on it among others if your interested!

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  5. helenatnabend

    Best of luck with them all. There are some really great challenges and ideas here, that we could all do with trying (like reducing our use of plastics) so thanks for the inspiration!

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