Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

We haven’t seen much blue sky these last few months. The constant grey can be depressing, as can the constant damp. So when we do finally see some blue sky or witness a sunrise we get this unexpected feeling of serenity.

Last year, the combined rainfall for October and November was just over 130mm. This year for the same period it has been 275mm. Admittedly, last year was a drier autumn than average and this year’s figures are closer to mean figures.


via Photo Challenge: Serene

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

  1. Robbie

    When I see a blue sky it calls me outside! I tend to do more indoor stuff when there is a gloomy, cloudy day. However, those are the best days to transplant young spring plants, so I do not stay inside all the time.:-). I have to be outside in the sunshine and if it goes for more than a week, I start snapping at everyone around me! I get crabby:-) Maybe that is why I don’t want to go any place, don’t want to take someones head off-LOL
    Good to see you got some sunshine-lovely photos as usual:-)

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