Mausoleum at Belleek Woods

So as Eliza guessed, the snap shot I gave you yesterday was just some little detail of a mausoleum.



The mausoleum lies in Belleek woods in Ballina Co Mayo. Sir Francis Author Knox Gore (1803-1878), inherited Belleek Demesne in 1818. He was responsible for building Belleek Manor (now Belleek Castle hotel).  On his death he wished to be buried in the grounds of the demesne with his horse! His son, Sir Charles James Knox Gore, had the mausoleum built over what is thought to be his father’s grave. It was designed by James Franklin Fuller and demonstrates Hiberno-romanesque architectural style. Franklin Fuller also designed Kylemore Abbey and Ashford Castle.


9 thoughts on “Mausoleum at Belleek Woods

  1. teresastokes

    Further to my comment just now, I see that did take a photo of the detail at the top of this page, it appears at the top of one of four blank shields on the monument. They all have had graffiti chalked on them which is very tiresome and I photographed the one which had the least on it.


    1. teresastokes

      My first comment seems to have disappeared, leaving only the second one above – I had said that James Franklin Fuller was my great great grandfather and I visited the monument on a lovely day this June and took lots of photos of it and its details.

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