Luck of the Irish

Well the luck of the Irish wasn’t with us today for our local St Patrick’s Day Parade but how great that everyone still came out – both those participating and onlookers. I just loved this yellow bee hive made from yellow drainage pipe.

And despite the rain there was lots of colour and great messages.

Daily Prompt: Luck

17 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish

  1. Michael Griffiths

    When the Irish lose their luck, things must be getting bad in today’s world. If this ends with a shortage of four leafed clovers, then don’t tell me. I suspect that the reason behind this Irish tragedy might be to do with something that’s rubbed off Trump and has somehow has found its way into your country. I hope things improve rapidly. Can’t the leprechauns help?

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      1. Michael Griffiths

        I have a leprechaun’s shovel; I disturbed one digging on the marsh. He ran off leaving his shovel behind. I find it useful and it fits nicely in my rucksack. I’ve not found the gold, and it’s not for the want a trying.

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