Bumbles are back!

Yes, spring has finally arrived! Today, we finally had some sun after many grey and wet days and I saw the first bumblebees – white tailed and maybe buff tailed too, but they were high up in the willow tree.

White tailed bumblebee

White tailed bumblebee

The first bee I saw in my parent’s garden. I only had my phone but you can really see that this bee has plenty of parasites. Hopefully they won’t have a detrimental effect on her ability to get a nest started and a new colony going.

There are still couple of places available on this Friday’s Pollinator Course at Lough Lannagh in Castlebar – click here for more information.




19 thoughts on “Bumbles are back!

  1. ntbathskyline

    ahhh yes, isnt it lovely to be seeing the bumble bees out ^_^ I have seen two big dozey queens out in the last week. Those mites that she’s carrying are most likely just hitchhikers and are harmless to her – most mites you see on bumbles just use them as transport between hives and flowers – they often live in the hives feeding off nectar or wax etc but not off the bees themselves – problems can occur if a bee carries so many that its difficult for her to fly – if you see this and feel like you want to help, you could use a small soft paintbrush to knock the mites off….

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