A bit of spring cheer

Looking back at last year’s photographs it looks like this year’s dwarf daffodils and crocuses are about a week ahead of 2016. The larger daffodils are yet to open.

21 thoughts on “A bit of spring cheer

  1. Melissa Gillan

    You’re a bit ahead of me here with the spring bulbs. Daffodils are opening on the island but my first ones only opened today. Our lupin look to be about the same place though. Very uplifting photos; such a treat to see in the garden! I can’t wait!!

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      1. Melissa Gillan

        I’m just in from the tunnel on this very dreary day. Got a few things seeded. So blessed and excited to have a heated mini grow tent loaned to us this year and hoping it makes a difference in when we can begin selling.Going to upload some photos from this week’s work. Not feeling much like spring today though.

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  2. stephpep56

    Gorgeous Photo’s of the loveliness of spring, daffodils still not out yet this side of the country but lots of snowdrops and crocuses. I sowed my broad beans yesterday. Hurrah and the birds are singing madly xxx

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      1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

        I use an Olympus PEN – I really like it though the lens does not function quite as it used to!


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