Meet Jemima ii

You may remember a couple of months back, our duck, Jemima passed away. Well, we have a new duck, thanks to our generous neighbour.

Nelson & Jemima ii

Nelson and Jemima ii

Seeing as the new duck was so like our original one we have decided to called her Jemima the Second. She is quite shy but gradually seems to be settling into her new home. Currently she and Nelson are hard at work finding slugs in the vegetable plot. Though Nelson does seem to prefer the poultry field and duck pond!

(Apologies for quality of photo,Β  it was taken with my phone not my camera!)

16 thoughts on “Meet Jemima ii

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      We have had our losses to fox and mink too – need to be always vigilant, particularly when they are not behind the electric poultry fence.

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