Ross Beach in Mid Winter

Beaches are special places, even in the winter! Of course in the summer there is the extra magic of being able to get into the water. However, at this time of year you can be blessed by that particular light you only seem to get along the coast. Since our last visit in the summer, the few winter storms we have had, have shifted the sands from one part of the beach to the other.

No matter what the season children will always have fun at the beach. It may be just having the freedom to run around, or they may find a piece of seaweed that transforms into a magical sea creature.

As an added bonus we saw Brent geese, oyster catchers, curlew, bar-tailed godwit, rock pipits, dunlin, ringed and grey plovers, though not close enough to get a good photo!

Ross Beach

27 thoughts on “Ross Beach in Mid Winter

  1. Jane

    How splendid and so satisfying that you can identify the birds – heard of godwit but not bar-tailed!
    Also, hadn’t really thought about the sand being shifted around by the weather. What forces there are.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      It’s about a forty minute drive. At low tide you can walk right along to an even longer beach and another small estuary. It is all part of Killala bay. We are blessed with some spectacular beaches here in Mayo.

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