18 thoughts on “Friends and Family

      1. Aran Island Girl

        We’ve been getting morning frost, the bus driver said there was black ice on the roads this morning, and it is due to get very cold this weekend. Right now it’s 2 degrees. Everyone is overjoyed with the lack of wind so far this winter which is so typical out here and what really brings the chill to the bones. You get similar winds most winter, no?

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      2. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

        Yes, same here very little wind compared to most winters – though we did have some in early autumn. Enjoy the calm and sun while it lasts!

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      3. Aran Island Girl

        Indeed, while it lasts…winter has only just begun! Not long until seed catalogues start rolling in though 😀 That’s always something to look forward to; makes great reading on those wet and windy nights. Xx

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