Harvest Melody

September is here and the garden year is beginning to wind down. Despite our wet summer we have had reasonable crops – warmer temperatures than last summer probably helping.

We’ve been enjoying juicy Victoria plums and Beauty of Bath apples (an early variety).

Victoria plum

Victoria plum

Many of the apple trees have cropped well and we are looking forward to tasting them all. I see each apple as having its own melody; smell, taste, texture are all different.

Pears have not done well this year – the few we have are covered in scab and are now beginning to crack. But it is the first year we have had Japanese Quince (only six though!).

In the vegetable plot, beans have done well. Garlic definitely benefited from being planted last October. Cabbages have thrived in the damp conditions. Squashes are few and far between and onions which I planted late are understandably small! All and all not too bad a harvest though.


8 thoughts on “Harvest Melody

  1. heretherebespiders

    Oh that plum looks incredibly tasty! Sorry about your pears, poor thing looks like an alien egg about to hatch.
    I have bee hearing this is a good year for Irish apples – clearly the reports were correct! I’d be making pies for days 🙂

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  2. Jane

    So that’s what’s wrong on 1 of the pears of my 2 miniature pear trees. The plum picture is excellent and all those lovely apples. Did you buy your ‘unknown’ apple tree as such or has it always been there? Intriguing. Perhaps someone will spot it on this blog & have an idea.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      The “unknowns” were self-grafted by my husband on a course a few years ago – he says he has a note somewhere what they are!!



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