Rebecca’s Wool

Rebecca is passionate about what she does. She is a lady who loves her work and it shows. I met Rebecca last week when I attended the Foxford Riverfest.

She spins her wool from her own Jacob sheep, which she farms here in Co Mayo. What is more she’s spins each fleece individually so you get the unique colours of each sheep. So Blackie the sheep’s wool (as her name suggests) is almost black, but Lizzie’s (who is black and white) wool is a mixture. You can see the finished product of each sheep here on Rebecca’s website.

As well as her beautiful natural wool, Rebecca sources wool from local farmers (mostly Suffolk or Texel sheep) which she hand dyes using a range of natural Moroccan dyes. This wool comes in a range of beautiful pastel, earthy tones. She also finds time to knit some of her own hats, booties, scarves and more.


You can check out Rebecca’s website here where there is also a link to her Esty shop where she sells the wool and her own knitted goods.


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