April Flowers

The garden is starting to show a bit of colour and when the sun shines it certainly warms the heart. One of my spring favourites are the fruit tree blossoms which are just beginning. The plum blossom has a particular delicate, sweet smell which I wish  I could share.

Plum blossom

Plum blossom

The lollipop primula where a gift from my sister a couple of years ago. The daffodils are nearly over but the pale ones are still looking  good. The pansies are the first pansies I have successfully grown from seed!

Of course there are wildflowers too. Though the wood sorrel is currently growing in a pot where it seeded itself. I love daisies and of course dandelions are great for early pollinators.

21 thoughts on “April Flowers

  1. aj vosse

    Yep, fortunately the sun is making itself a little more familiar! Your blossoms are looking great!
    Spotted my first butterfly at home (Kildare) yesterday. Peacock, must have eventually woken from hibernation. However, we went down Arklow way on Wednesday. I spotted the following on a few walks. Comma, yep, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, GV White and Small White. I think I saw a Painted Lady as well but it didn’t sit long enough for a photo! The fun begins! 😉

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      1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

        I know – and cold over weekend as well. I think the last couple of days were just to show us what we are missing!!


      2. heretherebespiders

        I got Wednesday’s sunshine at least – had to take my old cat to the vet, and then we took the rest of the day off. Hit too many garden places 🙂
        You’ll laugh, I hope, at this – was just thinking about you as I covered my avocado plant with a glass cloche for the night! It was one we ate, put in the compost bin, and when turning it I found it was growing. So I stuck it in a raised bed for the heck of it, covered it in glass for the winter…and it is growing well again! So silly and rather pointless, but I can’t bear to stop anything that wants to grow.

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