Find one of thirteen.

Earlier this month, I published a post on a list of 16 “challenges” I was setting myself for 2016. Number thirteen on the list was:

“Find thirteen interesting items (these could be anything from something picked up beach-combing, to finding something in a charity shop – ideally it should not be something new or that I have paid full price for!)”

So here is the first find. This piece of drift wood spoke to me as soon as I saw it. At first it reminded me of a playtpus (looking at the left-hand side), but looking at the photograph I can also see a dolphin (right-hand side). It’s not very big – less than a foot long, perfect addition to the flower garden.



It was a lovely beach not far from Belmullet, on the NW coast of County Mayo. The beach was covered in shells, so the kids and I had great fun collecting cockle shells, razors, clam shells, limpets, and the odd queen scallop shell.


21 thoughts on “Find one of thirteen.

  1. Robbie

    I love drift wood, that is beautiful:-) Oh, treasure those days with your little people they seem like they will last forever, but they pass too quickly. What a wonderful day you must of had:-) I love those treasures the kids collect and bring home:-)priceless

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      1. Robbie

        I use to love those collections all over the book case in their rooms. I still have some of those treasuers in a few glass jars:-) My parents use to live in Corpus Christi Texas after I went to college and I use to visit in the summer. Mornings on the beach where no one had walked-huge shells like little gifts from the waters were everywhere-perfect with no broken parts!

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  2. Miranda McCoy

    Loving the platypus driftwood and yes I can see the whale too! How delightful. One is envious! Nice post – as always, thank you.xx

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