Monthly Archives: December 2015

Forest Flood – Climate Change

The rain continues relentlessly as do the grey days. It is the time of year I long for even a glimpse of the sun. You can’t go anywhere but your feet are squelching underfoot. This week part of the forestry below the house was under a couple of feet of water. It usually happens at least once each winter. Climate change models suggest that Ireland will expereince cooler summers, milder winters and more rain, which pretty much summarises what we have experienced this year.

It frustrates me that our politicians are not really taking climate change seriously. While on one hand at the COP21 global summit on climate change in Paris our Taoiseach (prime-minister) Enda Kenny said we must act now, he also said that financial challenges will prevent Ireland from making stronger cuts in emissions from our agriculture sector. Yes, agriculture is vital to our Irish economy, but climate change will effect every man, woman and child on this planet. What will the politicians tell their children and grandchildren; we had a chance but we didn’t act? Surely now is a time to lead by example.