Last of the autumn colours

November is continuing mild, but the dark evenings are a reminder that we are in part of the year that the old Celts called Samhain.

Oak leaves

Oak leaves

Some of the trees have already lost all their gloriously colourful leaves. And this year the colours seems to be particularly bright and colourful. So here are some of the last of the colours to enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Last of the autumn colours

  1. Julie

    Beautiful images! The current wind and rain will bring down even more leaves now but some of the Oaks in shadier parts are still green here, the colourful leaves of birches and maples though are almost stripped bare.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      We’ve gales forecast for weekend which I think will see the last of our leaves too:( We’ll collect as many as we can for making some good old leave mould!


  2. Jane

    Yes – the ‘experts’ have commented on the longer display of beautiful colour changes that the milder temperatures have brought. I suppose this happens all the time in New England? And also, novice question – what do you do with your leaf mould?

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