Polytunnel and Greenhouse – Summer 2015

In last week’s post I was bemoaning the lack of success in the vegetable garden and while things were not as productive as I’d like in the polytunnel and greenhouse, in general plants fared better and produced more there.



We’ve had a pretty constant supply of lettuce and greens from the polytunnel. The cool temperatures made it a perfect growing environment for them, and it is only in the last week that we are a bit short of lettuce though still doing well with mustard greens and rocket. There are more lettuce plants on trays waiting to be planted out – endives and winter destiny lettuce.

Lettuce seedlings

Lettuce seedlings

In the greenhouse the tomatoes have actually done pretty well, and though they weren’t enough cucumbers to pickle there have been plenty to eat fresh each day

Black bean

Black bean


With our beans doing so badly outside I planted some late in the greenhouse and polytunnel. Some are already producing – not many, but a nice bonus.

According to the packet these are supposed to be dwarf beans but they seem happier climbing up some bamboo canes!

20 thoughts on “Polytunnel and Greenhouse – Summer 2015

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      A really tasty tomato is something I still seek – I seem to remember really tasty ones from my childhood, but maybe it is my imagination:)



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