The beauty of late summer’s wild flowers

We had a walk in Drummin wood and along the shores of Lough Cullen earlier this weekend. The wood has a new track, or should I say old track which has been re-opened and resurfaced. There were some lovely large specimens of hazel and holly.

Along the shores of Lough Cullen there was a wealth of wild flowers. It may be late summer but there was no shortage of colour. I just wanted to share a little of the beauty.

Grass of Parnassus was a plant I had to look up, as it is one I was not familiar with. In order to get a detailed photo I asked my husband to hold onto the flower head. It was really exquisite (it’s worth clicking on the photo to get a closer look).

And finally of course the lovely view over the lake.

Lough Cullen

Lough Cullen

14 thoughts on “The beauty of late summer’s wild flowers

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      We’ve had lots of rain too – I think we’ve missed out on summer this year and going straight for autumn! Glad you enjoyed the walk:)

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  1. Robbie

    Both you and Eliza live i paradise! Thank you for sharing the beauty:-)
    Too often we forget the wildflowers that must be enjoyed + treasured for so many of them are in trouble. I have tried to add some to my small city lot, but I wish I had more space, so I could grow more:-) Great photos!

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  2. Jane

    Don’t get all of your blogs so I go exploring. What wonderful flowers – didn’t realise that wild mint had such a beautiful flower. What a joy to see these gentle creations in their natural setting.

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