August in the Greenhouse

In the greenhouse, patience is finally paying off and we’ve been enjoying the first of the cucumbers. There are plenty of green tomatoes (no sign of them going red yet) and some interesting black ones (a friend gave me some seeds earlier in the year – I think they are called black berry).

The bees are enjoying the oregano that is flowering. And we are still enjoying some alpine strawberries.

I’ve seedlings started for some autumn and winter crops for the polytunnel including lettuce, mangetout and these leaf beat. There are more winter crops to go in, but I have already planted in some calabrese, which I have had mixed results with in previous years. After a poor summer in the vegetable garden I am hoping for a better autumn! Optimism when vegetable gardening in an Irish climate is essential.

Leaf beet

Leaf beet



12 thoughts on “August in the Greenhouse

  1. susurrus

    I’ve never tasted black tomatoes but I’ve seen them growing quite often and find them fascinating. Recently I did get to sample green peas in black pods. They were intensely sweet. Your alpine strawberries are making my mouth water!

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  2. Eliza Waters

    Love your optimism AND energy, but I reckon you are younger than I. 😉 Our tomatoes are about the same as yours. It really hasn’t been all that hot this summer (not complaining) but the cukes, melons and tomatoes really prefer the heat to do their thing. Love those black tomatoes, I’ve seen ‘Chocolate Cherry’ but it isn’t as dark as your ‘Black Berry.’

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Sometimes I feel less optimist – but a walk around the garden with the camera usually lifts the spirit!


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  4. Jane

    What lovely pictures and an education too. Fascinating to see cucumbers actually growing (amateur here) and where do the black tomatoes originate from? We’ve had half a dozen tomatoes ripening outdoors but nothing more yet with clouds and rain. I don’t think humidity is much help – real dry sunshine is needed.

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