Gale force winds in August

This summer wind has been a near constant feature of our weather. Yesterday it was gale force winds more reminiscent of our autumn and winter weather, than August. The brambly apple tree fell victim to the gusts. Today, I had to remove two branches, both with fruit.

Wind damaged apple tree

Wind damaged apple tree

Wind damaged apple treeThis is the second time this tree has suffered damage – the first happened a couple of years ago when some cattle got into the garden, and again broke branches. I am hoping it will recover again.

In need of some comfort foot and so not to waste the apples, we made (and enjoyed) some apple and tay-berry crumble!



22 thoughts on “Gale force winds in August

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    Depressingly windy here in west Wales too. I was hoping for some balmy days in August when I could get out and enjoy the garden, but the weather is making gardening feel a bit of a chore on many days. What a strange summer it has been so far.

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  2. Jane

    Can’t believe what the wind did to the little tree. But I’ve now discovered your recipe blog (how slow I am) and will try them out. I’ve heard of Tay-berries – do you row them as well?


    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      The recipe blog is very hap hazard I am afraid! Yes we grow the tay-berries too and this year they are doing well.



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