Looking out my back door………….

Looking out my back door I know I am lucky. Beyond the garden all I can see are fields, hedgerows and trees. I can hear the birds singing (and okay if the wind is blowing a certain way I may hear the cars on the main road, but not always). In the damp air, I can smell elderflowers and honeysuckle. And when the sun shines I can see the washing drying on the line and the day-lillies in the flower bed.


19 thoughts on “Looking out my back door………….

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      That’s why I liked that photo – it’s mainly the kids washing which is a bit more colourful than mine or that of my husband which tend to be blues and browns

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  1. Jane

    How wonderful. My sense of smell is selectively not as good so will stand next to some elderflower to sniff. Can catch the scent from the drink though. I think a newspaper, as well as a magazine, would love your picture with the ‘back-door’ caption. My rotary-dryer does the job but you can’t beat the lovely washing line with those splendid bright clothes. Such an evocative and happy picture.


    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Elderflower has wonderful scent – well worth seeking out flowers – though most have gone over now and fruit is setting.



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