Marsh Marigolds – Different views

Just a couple of images of marsh marigolds growing in the drain in the wood which I took a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been experimenting with them for photo101. The first image I just liked the contrast of the yellow against the blue sky reflected in the water. The images were not as sharp as I hoped and I even returned the following day to try and get a clearer shot but the water level had gone up and it wasn’t possible.

Photo101-Day Eleven, Pop and Colour

Photo101-Day Eleven, Pop and Colour

The second image again could be sharper but I like the idea architecture in plants and was originally thinking something tall, but then saw this photo and felt it would work too. I do like monochrome and should experiment more!

Photo101-Day Twelve, Architecture & Monochrome

Photo101-Day Twelve, Architecture & Monochrome


13 thoughts on “Marsh Marigolds – Different views

  1. Robbie

    First- I have always been curious about marsh marigolds what they look like-thank you:-)
    Second- I totally get the blue and gold-I have seen that in nature and know what you mean about the blue skies. You did a great job capturing it!
    Third-I like the black and white too-
    Glad, I stopped by to enjoy your photos today:-)

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Yes, they are all part of the Ranunculalae Buttercup) family – though their lation name is Caltha palustris



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