Photo101 Day 8 – Natural World

Well, it’s not as if I needed an excuse to go into the garden today with a camera for day eight of the photo101 course, today’s theme being Natural World. Here is the result……

17 thoughts on “Photo101 Day 8 – Natural World

  1. aranislandgirl

    Is comfrey flower blue? Why am I not growing it yet? If I ever needed another reason (which I didn’t) then that is it. I love blue/violet flowers. The bee is perfectly placed too.
    You really nailed the ‘natural world’ theme.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thanks Melissa. Yes this is the blue one you get a pink one too – I think ours is called ‘Russian Comfrey’. I can send you a few roots in the autumn.

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      1. aranislandgirl

        That would be great 🙂 I love having gifted this and thats throughout the garden…reminders of friends and neighbors. I have been meaning to get comfrey in the garden! Thanks. 😀


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