Garden Biodiversity

Last week I did a post on International Biodiversity Day. As part of the day here in Ireland the National Biodiversity Centre was encouraging us to record the wildlife in our gardens over the weekend.

I concentrated on wild flowers, trees, butterflies, bees, birds and mammals. In total I had 64 species, though I know that there are more as some birds and butterflies that occur in the garden were not recorded over the weekend. I also didn’t see any frogs or newts which I also know are here. A couple of bees were missing too and I wasn’t able to identify all the hoverflies seen – some are quite tricky unless you have a microscope.

There were forty one wildflowers and trees, and thirteen different bird species, though admittedly I only heard the cuckoo! The hoverfly Leucozona lucorum was a new one for me, though I have since seen about five more. Another lovely find was a small copper butterfly. The peacock butterfly was quite worn but still beautiful.

Nationally on Friday 22nd May – 1,756 records were submitted to the Date Centre,  on Saturday 23rd May – 1,894 and on Sunday 24th May – 1,658 records. A total of 890 different species were recorded which is pretty impressive. More information can be seen on


12 thoughts on “Garden Biodiversity

  1. gaiainaction

    Thank you very much for the link, the information and the beautiful photos which are all very helpful. I was not even aware of the biodiversity day! Next year I will take part too. 🙂 Isn’t May the most beautiful and lush month in Ireland.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thank you. Admittedly I didn’t take them all over the weekend – the first lot are from the weekend and then a couple from last year but still species I recorded over weekend:)


    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thanks Melissa – I thought it was a great idea. Usually they gather experts at a number of ‘good’ sites and do a bioblitz – ie trying to record all they see at that site, but this way everyone got to do it in their back yard!

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  2. Jane

    And a truer picture that the survey is done in people’s gardens rather than by ‘experts’ in a squared off area, so to speak. How heartening to see such a range. Here’s to schools having their own gardens for such surveys for all the obvious reasons. Brilliant.

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